RELEASED: 28th July 2014
ARTIST: Green Diesel
LABEL: Talking Elephant Records
Wayfarers All

“This is folk-rock in the grand manner with fiddle and electric guitar and drums and songs which, when not actually traditional, are deeply rooted. ★★★★”
Dai Jeffries, R2 Magazine.

“Clearly referencing the high days when it was de rigueur to dig around in your own backyard and apply rock hardware to whatever you found, Green Diesel step beyond that by mixing music with legend, doggerel and children’s rhyme to produce material with more depth and relevance.”
Simon Jones, fRoots Magazine.

“All in all Wayfarers All is a hugely enjoyable album. An up and coming band who deserve to be much bigger, let’s hear it for Green Diesel and this enchanting slice of classic English folk rock.”
Darren Johnson, Bright Young Folk.

“Brand new but in the way of certain folk rock albums, destined to become a classic… Clearly at home with their command of the genre, Green Diesel deliver folk rock with an innovative yet confident singular edge.”
Tim Carroll, Folkwords.

“Green Diesel has skyrocketed into my top few bands based just on this album.”
Paul Rawcliffe, FATEA.

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