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After Comes The Dark – Out Now!

Well it finally happened! In February 2020 we started recording it. Then…things happened. You may know what we’re referring to…

17th July 2021
New Album! After Comes The Dark – released 16/7/21

Delighted to (finally) announce that our fourth studio album ‘After Comes The Dark’ is being released on 16th July on

9th June 2021
Underworld Pre-order Details

Our new single Underworld is now available for pre-order! We’ll be releasing the single across all the usual digital formats

7th May 2021
WE’RE BACK! – New Single

Finally…! We’re back. Our new single ‘Underworld’ will be released on the 14th May, ahead of our forthcoming album due

5th May 2021
9th June 2020 – NEW LIVE EP!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Green Diesel Live EP Sadly it’ll come as no suprise that we’re going to be unable to play live

9th June 2020

Greetings all from the very strange world we are now inhabiting. It will come as no suprise to you I’m

22nd May 2020